Claude Garamond


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Garamond is a family of old-style serif typefaces derived from the work of Claude Garamond in the sixteenth century; most Garamond fonts are renowned for their readability, elegance, and character. You have most likely read novels, poems, or pamphlets typeset in Garamond without noticing, since numerous publishers, authors, and individuals select these fonts to print their work. See Wikipedia for further details.

Amongst the numerous typefaces claiming Garamond heritage (see for instance Identifont's page for a tentatively exhaustive list), one finds:

Shall you be contemplating to purchase a commercial Garamond font, we can only praise Adobe Garamond Premier Pro for its quality and wide character coverage. However, do also consider the Garamond No. 8 font, a solid alternative free for anyone to download, use, and modify for non-commercial purposes; it has been released by URW++ Design & Development under the Alladin Free Public License in 2000 and was subsequently further improved. You may download this font in TrueType format (used to render this page). Using this font in an X environment is as straightforward as typing:

wget -P ~/.fonts -A ttf -r -np -nd http://garamond.org/urw/
mkfontdir ~/.fonts && xset fp rehash

It is also available for use with LaTeX, together with a corresponding mathematical font.

As additional quality free fonts, our outdated recommendations are as follows: